The Challenges

Children from low socioeconomic backgrounds in developing countries often underperform in science subjects. In Jamaica, the 2005-2009 national science scores showed that students from volatile areas were weaker in the sciences with an approximate 40% gap between the scores from these schools compared to schools in higher income neighborhoods. Such poor results are primarily due to the lack of a system for adequate science teaching and the students’ lack of exposure to role models in science.

In developed countries, historically underrepresented groups often lack equitable access to hands-on STEM experiences and exposure to cutting-edge science that is applicable to their lives. Moreover, mentors of underrepresented background who are practicing scientists are often difficult for students to identify.

SOSA's Approach

SOSA’s workshops focus on improving STEM participation, science literacy, science performance and everyday decision making in children. Our primary target audience is students from socioeconomically disadvantaged areas. We are also inclusive of more traditional schools to facilitate peer-peer exchange.


More than 2000 students impacted directly, with many more indirectly touched by SOSA’s work!

Student Testimonials

“We wanted to do more experiments!”

STEPS primary school student

“My favourite activity is the one that involved us looking through the microscope because I realized that not because water looks clean doesn’t mean it is”

STEPS primary school student

“My favourite part was looking in the microscope because in the future I would love to become a forensic scientist and I actually felt like a scientist today”

STEPS high school student

“The zombie virus, it was fun and we were given opportunities to talk to other groups as we switched”

STEPS high school student

“I loved everything, no least favourite activity”

STEPS high school student

How can I help?

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Participant Schools (Jamaica)

SOSA has conducted our STEPS workshops with the following schools.

  • Allman Town Primary
  • Alpha Primary
  • August Town Primary
  • Boys Town Infant and Primary
  • Denham Town Primary
  • Dunrobin Primary
  • Dupont Primary and Infant
  • Franklin Town Primary
  • Half Way Tree Primary
  • Harbour View Primary
  • Hope Valley Experimental
  • Immaculate Conception Preparatory
  • Jessie Ripoll Primary
  • Lawrence Tavern Primary
  • McAuley Primary
  • Mona Heights Primary
  • Mountain View Primary
  • Rock River Primary
  • Shortwood Practicing School
  • St. Catherine Primary
  • St. Francis Primary and Infant School
  • St. Richards Primary
  • Spanish Town Primary
  • Swallowfield Primary
  • Ardenne High School
  • Bridgeport High School
  • Campion College
  • Clan Carthy High School
  • Dunoon Park Technical High School
  • Haile Selassie High School
  • Holy Childhood High School
  • Jamaica College
  • Jonathan Grant High School
  • Jose Marti Technical High School
  • Mavis Bank High School
  • Merl Grove High School
  • Mona High School
  • Norman Manley High School
  • Papine High School
  • Spanish Town High School
  • St. Andrew Technical Institute School
  • St. Catherine High School
  • St. Jago High School
  • Tarrant High School

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