Who can be a member of SoSA?

—Application for membership shall be open to any individual who is enrolled in or has completed a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields that supports our mission. Membership is granted after completion, receipt and approval of a membership application. Full membership is open to members with a PhD or MD and Associate membership is open to Bachelors’ and Masters’ holders.

—What does membership mean?

—Membership in SoSA gives you access to our network of scientists and keeps you up to date with our events. Although there are no dues required of our members, service in a number of areas (eg. time) is always welcome!

Membership Categories

Full membership:
  • Members holding a PhD or MD.
  • Scientist PhD or MD members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.
Honorary membership:
  • Granted by the Board of Directors to selected individuals who are ineligible for regular membership that have rendered outstanding service to the organization.
  • Such members shall be entitled to all the privileges of active membership except the right to vote or hold office.
Associate membership:
  • Masters’ holders.
  • Graduate students pursuing an advanced degree and members pursuing or who have completed a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Eligible to serve on committees.

How do I Join?

Simply complete the membership application. Applications are reviewed and you will be notified within a few business days.